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Gaia commission for my good friend Taylor :3

— April 30 2014 —
J 8


Gaia commission #3

Gaia commission #2

— January 3 2014 —
J 14

Gaia commission #1

Had so much fun doing this one @@

Shop’s up♥


Doing gaia commissions/IRL commissions from now until I get art block again.

waist up sample


if ya wanna stop by idk

I’m going to be opening commissions up on gaia pretty soon here so I’ll link that when it’s a real thing


Sketched my pony OC quick before bed. Thinking about accepting ponification as an option for commissions. Not sure yet though u w u;;

Her name is Jinx (bwahhhhh) and her talent is making everyone around her miserable with her ability to make things unlucky. Woop woop.

I feel so strange about this OC now since Jinx was released. u A u;